How to be involved

  • Parent nametag

Questions to ask your student

What have you liked in your classes?

What kind of activities or experiences are you involved in?  What have you learned from your participation?  

What does a good job mean to you?    

  • Fulfilling work?
  • Large paycheck?
  • Enjoyable work environment? 
  • Giving back to the community? 
  • Changing the world?  
  • How would you prioritize if your answers were in conflict?

Have you used ALL of the resources on campus to help you prepare for life after graduation?  

  • Career counseling?
  • Academic advising?
  • Faculty?
  • Your first-year experience course?
  • Other resources?  

Have you thought about how to get career-related experience before you graduate?

What help do you need from me as you navigate your job search?

  • Moral support? 
  • Interview practice?
  • Access to my network?

What does your resume look like?


... (and finally, not a question)...I'll love you and support you no matter what career you choose! 


What not to do

Many students change their major at least once throughout college.  Do not pressure your student to immediately make, and then stick to a decision.

Don't immediately write off majors your student is considering which you think may not be marketable.  Many of our employer partners seek candidates with a broad, liberal education.

While it's good to help provide networking contacts, do not do the job / internship search for your student.  They need to learn and implement this valuable life skill on their own.

Get Involved at the U of M